Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sewing Machine Madness!

I just got the okay from Joel to get a sewing machine!!! Now I have decide which model I'm going to get. I have little to no frame of reference when it comes to sewing machines so I need some advice. I've been looking at  a Brother Sewing Machine and a Singer Sewing Machine. I don't even know if these are on the ball for what I want to do. I did look the brother up through Joann Fabrics sewing machine finder so that's why I've been looking at it. The Singer is just within my price range. I'm looking for a machine that's a beginner's machine but it could possibly handle sewing through tougher materials like denim but also sew through felts. If you know of something better suited machine than these two let me know. I'm very curious!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's the Day!

...that I officially start my blog. Nothing better than the smell of new blog. Unfortunately, I have the flu so I can't really smell it, my mind can though.

I hope everyone is excited for the upcoming updates. As of this moment I'm just glad to have the new blog up and running. As I said before I have the flu so I'm very tired and it's hard to make anything when I have such a weak attention span, frankly it's hard to type, lol. That's all for now, going to see if I can get some rest, sitting up makes me sleepy.