Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I pooped my pants today...

I wish the title of this blog was a joke...but it's not.

As you may well know from my last blog post I'm on Weight Watchers. And on WW you get a certain amount of points. And in order to lose weight you have to stay within your points. Well, lets just say that I get 32 points and I eat 12 points between breakfast, lunch and a snack and then decide to have a few* glasses of wine with Lili. Wine isn't free of points. In fact it's around a point an oz. Last night I drank 20 points of wine. That means I drank more points than I ate...and if you're curious, Yes, I stayed within my daily point value. However, in being such a good dieter, I ended making myself quite sick. So, there you go.

*See an entire bottle.

Also, I still have a blog that is begging to get written but I don't really feel like it right now.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weight Watchers...

About 3 weeks ago I decided that I would take the leap and start weight watchers. I've never really dieted, counted calories or frankly given a crap about what I put into my mouth. I'm not saying all I'm doing is hurking down cheeseburgers and fries, but I certainly wasn't thinking about how many tofu chick'n nuggets I was putting down my hatch.

First on the agenda was cleaning out the cabinets and fridge.

Some of the junk I nixed.
 I filled and entire trash bag with crap.
 I'm not going to lie there were a few things that weren't exactly healthy that I couldn't part with. Including my cupcake decorations (which do become parts of soaps and resin jewelry so it's not all bad), crisco and other baking supplies. I don't normally eat a lot of my own baked goods so it's not really a big temptation. Unless the sweets are premade.

I'm sure that there are probably some not so healthy things left but my husband is NOT on a diet, lol. He can lose 10lbs in one day if he wants. And If I don't keep him fed I'll have an entirely new problem that I don't want.
 Sugar and fat free puddings along with whole grain and low cal breads.
 Yes, I did mark point values on boxes so that I was fully aware of them.

More baking supplies.

So far I've lost 13lbs on weight watchers and am VERY pleased. I did have a gym membership but it lapsed today and Paypal screwed up during a transaction yesterday so I have to wait for that to get sorted out before I can re-up my membership.

I also used every last bit of my weekly splurge points this week due to an outing with our couple counterparts (blog in the works I promise). I've never used them all before, so I am a tad bit worried about losing weight this week. We'll see though I try to be honest about everything I eat and it's worked for me so far.