Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blow Dryers & Tahoe People

REMINDER: Any and all photos can be clicked for a larger version.
So, Tonight was couples night. And yes! For once I'm actually going to get the post up on the same night! What a concept, right?
Anyway, Joel and I went to Costco the other day and saw that they had 2 $50 gift cards for $80 for the Truckee restaurant Moody's. Now, I didn't go in expecting to dislike this place...HOWEVER, Lili has been here before and...well, She's had better, haha. Gotta love my honest bff.

Now, if you're curious about the blog title, here goes...I decided to blow dry my hair after I got out of the shower, which I never do and absolutely fell in love with the way my hair looked. And second, I realized our couplezies bond is that we are all born and raised Tahoe people...who would've thunk? We're a rarity here.

Act Natural...Joel's all blurry..haha
So, I was super tired tonight, I don't know why but I'm not getting nearly enough rest lately. Still kind of on a bender from last week. I had 4 or 5 (not positive) cups of coffee while at dinner to keep awake, I'm still tired. I actually drank at least twice as much coffee as I did wine...weird huh?

See the coffee?
Anywho, So we probably waited around the bar area of Moody's for a good 5 minutes before the bar tender even looked our way. Which by that point Lili and I had decided to use the ladies room. Joel ordered a bottle of Zin which got picked up by the host (who looked like Steve Jobs, Black turtle neck and all) and then set down on the booth divider and then left to sit for about 10 minutes. Seriously, Wednesday night and we can't get decent service? So, annoying!
We managed to rope our server into taking a picture of us after the bartender had to leave the bar to open our bottle of wine.

OMFG...Can you day psychotic?
Blind Girl conversation...Will these ever be funny to anyone but us? We may never know...
You know the bit.
IT took us like 20 minutes to get menus...good thing we scoped the menu online the night before.

Huh? What? 
I dunno...
We had some really tasty Hedgehog Mushrooms. No Hedgehogs were involved in the making however Polenta  and a sunny side egg was involved...HOLY YUMMERS!!!! Lili and I were thinking about licking the bowl. 

For serious?
I don't know what they're looking at...
Lili's BIG ASS PORK CHOP! It was super tasty and super huge. WE all had a chunk of it!
 My swordfish with mashed potatos, tempura asparagus and fennel.
I decided shortly into my fish that I didn't actually want fish...WHOOPS.
Joel's Rib Eye with Bearnaise and pom frite.
We traded plates halfway through but I only had one or two bites.
Stevesies Din-din...Vignetto.
So, Back to where we started. Lili and I like to take bathroom pictures...
So, we had generally slow service and weren't treated super great. I probably wouldn't eat at Moody's again. Now, if I lived in Truckee I probably wouldn't rule it out as a dinner option. However, since we live at the lake I wouldn't eat here again, even with the implied 10% discount.
Now the runner up to the mushrooms was the dessert.
Lili and I talked the boys into letting us get the s'mores. 
The marshmallows were divine. It seemed like the entire thing was homemade. It was pretty much amazing but a little overwhelming sweetness wise. Also, the boys got a white chocolate peppermint creme brulee. Which the mint was OVERWHELMING as all get out. I tried to take a sip of wine after I took a bite and it tasted like I had just brushed my teeth. Also, it was a bit over egged. It's seemed like the Entree Chef has a bland pallet and the dessert chef over did everything. Not the best thing I've eaten for the price I'm sorry to say. I tried to like it. However I watched Lili making notes of the flaws, which I agreed with. We will NOT be back...Sorry Moody's we'll be taking our business elsewhere.
No for some funny bloopers of our couple counterparts trying to share a s'more, lol.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

My day as a redneck...

So, a few Saturdays ago we had to drop of Joel's truck to get looked at again since he already had it fixed and it was acting funny again so he took in under warranty. We also had to go run some business related errands. We decided to take my assistant Mikey and Lisa decided that she also wanted to go so that she could get some feathers from Cabella's to make earrings with. While at Cabella's we decided that it would be a fun and hilarious idea to go to the "shooting" Range. I'm not a gun person by any means.
Get them thar guns ready!
Lili is so serious.
Mikey's got this! Joel keeps giggling!
I think she got it...
I got's you thing that makes the squirelly move!

Lili actually didn't find the feathers she wanted which sucked. We then had to go to the dealership for Joel to drop off his truck and we decided that it would be a good time to take pictures in the car.
Mikey was pouting because Joel was taking FOREVER to take his car in, lol.
Pouting contest?
Finger stash?
Apparently Lili and I like to make the same face.
Lili doing some boob walking...
  I love Mikey's rubber face, HAHA!
Boob-side service
Lili has a boob fetish me thinks
Mikey is adorable-ness

After Joel dropped off his car he forced his way into the driver seat and drove us around on the errands.
When we were done shopping (and wandering around Wal-Mart, playing with barbies, and screwing with giant champagne glass vases) we decided to stop for a few snackies at Johnny Carino's.
Lili was quite warn out from being in Wal-Mart for a little too long. 
Mikey Hungie - Mikey POUT!
Lili perked up a little bit after she found an unattended poop in the ladies room. I'm not can leave your comments and questions for her about the poops in the comment section below. She also made Mikey and I look at it with her...frightening. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

I thought up a really cool name for this blog and then forgot it...

So, a few weeks ago Joel and I decided that us and a few (okay quite a few) of our friends would go out to eat together at the restaurant that my BFF, Lili,'s man Steve works at. I will now tell the story of the night in photos. This will be good...and extremely hungover for 90% of the participants. 
It started as a nice enough evening. Lisa and I were doing our normal photo positions including but not limited too, blind girl conversation.
I see you

 And Uh, uh! I don't think so!

We then commenced with everybody look at your butt time...

Now we will awkward photo time...
I didn't realize how animated this photo was at the time.
Me creeping Lisa out.

Chris is the only one pleased to be in this picture.
I think Joel is playing see-food.
Chirby is already a little bit tipsy
It looks like Lili just conquered something.
Very interesting.
Eli stuffing it in.
We're pretty, or something...
Stevsie joining in on the fun.
Not sure what that is that Chirby is showing me...
He ate all of the rest of everyone's soup.
Then this happened...
I swear I'm waiting for Lili and Eli to join me...
Apparently something smells...
Everyone was staring at me...
I have serious issues with this...
So, Joel handed me some wine and Lili helped get me nice and liquored to handle it.
then she turned on me...
She decided to draw AS MUCH attention to me as possible...
Chirby laughing at my misfortune.
Jerry, Sarah and Chirby judging me...
Food Porn TIME! My dinner - Kiwi-Mango Champagne Scallops
I think this was some sort of Thai shrimp thing
Joel's Rack of lamb
Jerry's Dinner
Me being a Creep and trying to hold Lili's hand...
Lili pretending she wanted to hold hands...she was actually quite creeped out
Such an interested conversation...
Chirby being silly...
Things have officially dismantled...
No fraking idea...
Yeah...Eli's sweater is super tasty...
That NEVER happened...
People were looking at me again...JEEZE!
Normally I wouldn't post a picture like this but us girls kept going in and out of the restroom together and at some point the camera got brought with and at that point Lili decided it would be funny to tell me that she was going to take a picture and then take one while I pulled my top down...Everyon with us found this photo to be utterly hilarious so I had to post it.

Semi- drunk group photo...notice the EXTREMELY annoying people in the background.
Okay...Now everyone scatter to get to the other side of the table for a different angle
Not positive who we conned into taking a picture of us...everyone in the dining room wanted to kill us.
How many times can we take this photo before it's NOT blurry?
5...and it's still blurry...FAIL
And's Lil and Steve time...
Not again...
 Apparently we were being soooo loud in the bathroom!