Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frosted Update

Check out the update I just posted on Etsy.

It's full of things like this...

So, get over there and pick up a few pairs!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday...How I Love You!

So, today is kind of a random day for me. I got two different press offers today...How weird is that? I'm going to be featured in the local paper Moonshine Ink. They are doing an article about local Etsy sellers. I'm really excited about getting my face out there so that people can come buy stuff from me! And the other press I'm currently looking forward too is on the blog Project Create a Home. The nice woman that runs it emailed me after seeing my Fat Burger Cuff Links. So what's going to happen with that is that we're going to offer a discounted price on the cuff links ($10) for her readers (and mine of course). And then we're going to go through everyone posts about my shop and we're going to have a giveaway for everyone's favorite item.

Also... I have a Treasury up right now. I recommend you check it out before it disappears!