Tuesday, September 14, 2010

!!! in Sac...

So, last night Joel and I headed to Sacramento to see one of our new fave bands !!! (chk chk chk) at the hip little club Harlow's. But before we did anything we stopped at this cute little park right across the street from both the restaurant and club that we were headed for.
You know you like my cupcake band-aid .
Lisa from the toe up.
 Steve always looks like he thinks he's not in the picture.
So, after much prodding I managed to convince everyone that the Asian-fusion across the street from the park wasn't as janky as it looked from the outside. And then of course once we got everyone inside "they decided" we could eat dinner there, ha!

Lisa noticed that my Twin Rivers - Blood Orange Cider matched my hair. 
She then insisted on photographing it.
We're so classy. We look like one of those condescending 40's photos.
Lili Making a cute face as always.

Lisa and I call this our "Blind girl conversation" Because when we go to bars we tend to face each other and talk while we both stare at the TV's on opposite walls. Making us look like two blind women having a conversation. See Steve's face in the background...that means we're funny.
Total yums! Chicken potstickers. I can't turn potstickers down. Unfortunately I wasn't very hungry since only a few hours before I chowed down on my left over chicken fried steak from Claim Jumper...not to mention the fact that I was wearing my super cute waist trainer that I purchased from Freyagushi. I recommend checking them out! Did I mention the fact that the lead singer of !!! walked into the Red Lotus while Lisa and I were alone at the bar. We were flopping around on our bar stools like fish just pulled out of the water.
We spent about 3 hours at Red Lotus before finally heading next door to see !!!. But before going in we went back to our favorite little park.

Harlow's was very interesting on the inside.
The three blond girls sprinkled in are some friends of Andy, he's next to Lisa. Unfortunately I have no recollection of their names but they were all very nice.
Andy acting like a goof while Steve looks at him like he's a freak.
Joel correcting someone about The auralex wall coverings.
Lisa and I pretending we're girlfriends...lol.

The opening band was pretty good and fairly hilarious. Especially since a few of the band members weren't wearing any shoes and the lead singer had a giant hole in his sock.
I have never been so sweaty from dancing and screaming in me whole life. All in all a great time.I will definitely be seeing them the next time they're in the area.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Double Duty - Twinkie Chan & Shrinkle!!!

So, today was supposed to be my tattoo appointment for my food sleeve. Unfortunately,  my tat artist didn't have my arm size so was kind of going blind and only did a few drawings. My appointment will be next Tuesday. I am very excited. The whole thing is going to be a big surprise to even to me since my artist is taking all of my work and twisting them! I'm stoked.

Even though today was a major bust, tattoo-wise I got lots of fun goodies that I was able to try out!

First of them had to be my mass ordered Yummy You - By Twinkie Chan, scarves and  mitts. I know what you're thinking, "Annais, why on earth did you buy so many scarves when it's not even fall yet?" The answer is simple. Twinkie Chan is very popular and her wonderful products have been on my radar for a while now.  What's more funny is that Twinkie Chan herself called me "Cray cray."  Lol, her words not mine. However, I do agree. I'm crazy for her things and all things food. I have tried all of the scarves and mitts on and they are very well made, very soft, very comfy and of course VERY cute! I purchased the scarves from a few different sites.

The first site I ordered from was JapanLA.com - No fancy packaging just my sushi scarf and mitts -

Next I received my Eggs and Bacon & Cookie scarves from NerdKungFu.com again nothing fancy, still no problem with that.

Following right along in the picture above you can see I received the Serve Chilled Wrist Warmers in Snowy Side Up from ModCloth.com 
They packaged my items in this super cute Yummy You Box!
And last but certainly but least my order from giantpeach.com Cookie Mitts, Toast scarf and Cupcake scarf.

They also wrapped my order in the super cute boxes...
Here's all of the super cute things lined up...
Next up we have my Sugarpill order! Yes!
I was so excited to buy some of the make-up from Shrinkle's new line.

I ordered the Pressed Afterparty, and loose Stella, Paperdoll and Darling.
The color intensity was awesome. I'm more than likely going to re-up my whole make-up case since my current colors just can hold up.. Here's a few pics of the colors on me...
Also, inside the box was the invoice signed by Shrinkle (Amy). I'm a total sucker for hand written things...
I also got a few other things today, but I am simply too lazy to photograph anything else tonight, lol!