Saturday, November 6, 2010

Southern California Vacation Part 1

The night before...
We begrudgingly wake up, kiss Mr.DogDog goodbye, pack up the car and get on our way to the airport. Both Joel and I got stopped and searched in security. I let the cops use me as an example which inevitably  made us late to get on the plane. This wouldn't have been that big of a deal but I haven't been on a plane in over a decade. I was forced to confront my fear of flying head on.

This is what I had to step onto...a TEENY TINY PROPELLER PLANE...that you had to walk onto the tarmac to get on. I was not pleased. I proceeded to cry for the next half an hour until the flight attendants walked the booze cart down the isle. I ordered a double gin and immediately began regretting my choice. I soon began drunkenly blubbering. We did experience some turbulence due to the crappy weather. By these point death was inevitability and I didn't understand why everyone on the plane was acting so calm.

I didn't actually do that, but by the embarrassment on Joel's face I may as well have done that.

Of course we landed safely and I may as well have kissed the ground as I exited the tiny tin can. We then proceeded to hulk our millions of pieces of luggage to the rental car and Joel made me drunkenly help him with the directions.
We made it to the Disneyland resort with out much fuss. I was pretty frazzled after having such a stressful morning. We went to our hotel room and settled in before deciding to go to Downtown Disney. Which was actually a nice little section in the Disney compound. The weather was pretty bad the first day. We actually didn't get out to the park until around 6pm for the special night time party which I ended up not getting dressed up for because the rain was too much to deal with in a costume. The one nice thing about the weather was not having to wait in line for very long.

 We stood in the middle of the walkway like morons to take this.
 From Snow White's Scary Adventure.
 I was a little hopped up on airline excitability so this ride and many others actually frightened me.
 Part of the Haunted Skellington experience.
 Little Oogey cymbal monkey thing.

After riding all the rides we could handle, sore feet and drenched clothes forced back to our hotel room. I was pretty emotionally and physically worn out. I pretty much spent the rest of the evening in bed unable to move, no matter how much I wanted room service.
That's all for now. I'm going to sort out some more photos and figure out what order to post them. Stay tuned!


  1. you funny thing...nice pictures. the drawings are interesting...people with barbed wire heads. what's that funny yellow area next to you in the first couple drawings?

  2. It's supposed to be our TV, lol.

  3. The cartoons are hilarious and SO GOOD! YOU ARE SO GIFTED, Sarah! More, pleas!e

  4. I love Halloween at Disneyland. Next year I have to go or I'll cry!

  5. It was fun to see it all dressed up for halloween. I just want to go back when it's actually the normal slow season.