Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Final Installment of the So-Cal Vacation.

Are you excited? Because I am! Thank god right? It has taken me like 4 months to finish it with all of the other blogs mixed in. Anyway!
I forgot to show this is the past blog this is the exterior of the restaurant they shot the morning after scene in Knocked up...YAY!!!
 All of these pictures were taken on the day we left. We actually managed to pack quite a bit in for how little time we had. We left our hotel in Santa Monica, I was a little sad to leave since It had such a nice view of the ocean. We then drove down to Long Beach. We had about 4 and a half ours to kill before it was time to get back onto the ricket-rocket and jet back home. We decided that we would visit the Long Beach Aquarium since we are both quite large nerds and also the Santa Monica Aquarium had been closed that day anyway.
 Giant clam thingy.
 Brain Coral
 And here comes the series of photos that A. Remind me of Finding Nemo and 2. (yes 2) Make me want to ride the Nemo ride at Disneyland again.
 Just Keep Swimming,  Just Keep Swimming,  Just Keep Swimming
 Es-KA- Pey
 In front of the big 'ol tank.
 Serious one
 sting ray
 Hammer head Sharky
 Such a pretty tank
 Filled with fishies that match my hair!
 Underwater Snail thingy
 Kind of creepy looking fish that reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas
 More coral stuffs.
 Seahorses! There were like 5 different types of sea horses and I'm almost positive I got a picture of all of them. These are the most normal of the bunch (P.S. You can click on any picture to make it big...I've never said that before...maybe I should have...whoops)
 Scary pointy fishies!
 Leafy Seahorses, What's cool was that If you looked in the tanks you could see the Sea Horses digging their tails into the sand to hold them in place.
 SEA TURTLE!!! Us and a couple of little kids hung out near this tank for like 15 minutes just watching him swim around!
 Leaf Sea Horse again!
 Weird creepy skeleton reindeer looking sea horse (Why does everythign sink up to Nightmare Before christmas? I don't KNOW!)
 See? Creepy reindeer...thingy...
 Lacy Jelly Fish
 Tiny Jelly fish
 Super long tentacles
 Angle Jelly fish... I think?
 The monster is coming out!
Single Tentacle...
 Sup biatch?
 Pretty Star Fish
 "I've got to spread my legs and fly"
 Wudeva, I'm outta heeya.
 Little start fish.
 These fish were chilling in the Otter Tank.
 More otters
 I tried SO hard to get clear pictures of them. Joel got some good video but I'll have to beg him to put them together for me so that we can have OTTER PARTY TIME!
 Close-up blurry Otter!
 Better Otter piccy!

 It's belly cleaning time! SOOOO CUTE!
 Shaking off
 Fur Cleaning (Can you tell I'm obsessed with otters?)
 Creepy shrimpy things
 Okay! These were BY FAR the creepiest things at the Aquarium. They are the 6ft long CRABS!!!
 They were chilling with some cat fish!
 Yo mon! Get me outta Here!
 I don't know why they are Jamaican...
 They wanted to eat our faces...For serious!
 Guy cleaning a tank! EAT HIM FISHIES!!!
 Neon green shrimpy...Poor guy didn't like my flash very much.
 I felt really bad for the Seals, they were like the last exhibit and I just wanted to spend all day with them and take them home
 So pretty and cute!

Alas, it was not meant to be we actually had to high tail it to get to the airport so that we could wait around for about 2 hours, lol. We didn't want to be late for the flight like we were the first time!

This was the last picture I took until we got up in the air. I never knew how close Randy's Donuts was to the airport, that was kind of weird/exciting!

Yes those are two bottles of vodka in my mouth. I'm not normally a big drinker but if you're getting me on an airplane my ass is getting drunk...sorry. This is the last photo from the trip (technically).

Btw, if you know any of the names of the fish listed above let me know and I'll change them!

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