Monday, December 13, 2010

Overwhelmed -The tale of hygene procrastination, Nov. 11, 2010 - Dec. 13. 2010

I realized while staring myself in the mirror tonight, while brushing my teeth, that I have not washed my nappy head of hair in over a month. This blog post is dedicated to all the hats I've been wearing the past few weeks.

*Side note* This blog post will have no: Cute drawings, funny pictures, or talk of the southern California vacation...except for what I just said.

This past month has been crazy hectic for me. My Mother got married. I had 2 crafts fairs. A bag order that I was begged to re-do. I also hit the front page of thanks to someone featuring me in a treasury about pink items. This of course has brought on a surge of brand new customers that I have been struggling to keep up with.

It’s not like I haven’t been bathing, I just haven’t had the time to commit to actually washing and restyling my hair. And now I’m down to the line. My driver’s license expires this month and my appt. is on Tuesday. This means I have to re-dye my hair tomorrow, and go to my stylist to get it cut and styled, before my 3pm appt. on Tuesday.  I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes. I dyed my hair around a month ago as well. So, I pretty much have the most intense pink hair that you’ve ever seen on a dirty *hippy.
*Note: I’m not actually a hippy. I just hang out with a lot of them.

I also have to mention that my most beloved In-Laws, I always say it but I DESPISE calling them such a derogatory sounding name, are coming to town the day after my license appt. I’m trying desperately to get the house clean so that we don’t look like a couple of unkempt teenagers that have one outfit for everyday of the year and simply toss our worn clothes on the floor to be washed when the year is over, because that’s kind of how it looks…seeing as the year is coming to an end after all.

I don’t know what else to say beside, I’m tired and very unattractive at the moment. I look like if the planet of the apes, Gene Simmons and Bozo the clown had a daughter with serious skin problems and possibly a mild mental illness. It’s the new black. You should try it.

Anyway, I maintain to keep my promise of finishing up the So-Cal Vay-Cay blog series, but for the moment it’s on hold. And I probably wouldn’t hold out any hopes until we start to round the holiday corner. I’m off to hit the hay.

Friday, November 12, 2010

20 *Reasons Why I haven't Organized the Vacation Photos.


20. Too busy letting a guy with a fu manchu drill into me with ink for money.

19. Getting too fat eating vegan cinnamon rolls from Cinnaholic Bakery
18. Too busy watching my best friend dance with a banana.
17.Too busy making soap.

16. Too Busy hogging all the ugly.
15. Too busy having a "blind girl conversation."
15. Too Busy writing this blog.
14. Too busy matching with my husband.
13. Too busy taking pictures of cats for my mom.
 12.Too busy taking weird pictures of my mom and her new husband.
 11. Too busy never smiling in photos
 10. Too busy being embarrassed.
 9. Too busy taking weird pictures of Joel.
 8. Too busy getting caught off guard.
 7. Too busy taking cute pictures of Joel.
6. Too busy making fun of my mothers weird minister.

5. Too busy being tall.
4. Too busy taking family photos.
3. Too busy being overwhelmed.
2. Too busy listening to what Joel has to say.

Drumroll please
1. Looking pretty while Lisa and I beat Joel and Steve and Charades.

Okay, so not the best set of excuses reasons. At least I tried. I hope you giggled at least 3 times or Imma come to your house and drink all of your beer. And if you don't have any I'm gonna make you buy me some so I can drink it in front of you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Southern California Vacation part duex

So, apparently I've too busy eating pot roast, drinking and playing charades with my friends to actually organize the photos for the blog. Bear with me...
So, the second day at the park Joel and I kind of screwed up and ended up getting there sort of late. However we did get to ride the Nemo submarine ride.

 Tiki head!
 Giant clam shell!
 I had a totally jenky window that was CALKED IN! WTF?!?!
 The dark parts were AWESOME!
 I didn't realize these little girls were in the photo 'til their dad yelled at them.
 I never realized there were cookies in the table!
 There were cobwebs in the oven and the cake was dusty. Clean yo self Disney!
 So, after Joel and I got back from an amazing dinner at Catal in Downtown Disney we walked into our room to find our bed covered in rose petals! At first we thought Joel's mother had paid them to do it, because she sent us a bunch of baskets and cute stuff. Later we found out that because we told the front desk that we were their for our honeymoon/anniversary they automatically put a note in our housekeeping. We thought it was super sweet and thoughtful of them.

 I forgot to mention that we went to build-a-bear. We actually ended up going two days in a row because I went in blindly the first time to get my E-Friend, Zambi, a gift. The kitty was originally for her but then I found out that she likes Ariel and got her a Hello Kitty dressed like her.
Wine country casual.
 Folsom street.
Joel informed me that the last frame looks inappropriate. FYI he's pooping.

The third night we were there we went and did basically the same thing we had done the night before. Except this time I actually took pictures. Did I mention I was dressed like a total douche tourist? And that it was a pretty nice restaurant. Good job TOURIST! Btw, we both drank boatloads of martinis the night before. We had to search out the greasiest things in the park. This was at the restaurant next to the flight simulator in California.
 WTF mate?
 More ketchup packets than chicken fingers
 At one point Joel jumped up and started recording the park speakers because they were playing Jupiter from the planets. It's his favorite contemporary symphony.
 NERD! I <3 Him.
 He was really excited about the burger, I think it had blue cheese on it?
 Also, the random trash can behind him in this picture had a back pack in it. They called security and we just assumed it was a bomb, so we decided to GTFO.
Giant water hose in the bugs life land at California.

 We also went and did the walking tour of sleeping beauty's castle. I got some pictures of Zambi's Fave villian!

 Really cool rose garden.
 So I mentioned that we went to the same restaurant two nights in a row. It was so good that they didn't even have salt or pepper on the table. That either says to me, it's awesome, or pretentious. I'm the kind of person who really wants their food salted and surprisingly I didn't need it.

Amazing butternut squash soup
Scallops with foiegra, a sweet potato puree and a little veggie pouch. The only gross part was the veggie pouch. It was chewy and not super tasty, kind of bitter.

 For our last day at the park we were kind of running on empty, our feet hurt and the crowds had come back to the park in full force. We decided that we would ride the train around the park to rest our feet and get away from all of the crying babies. While on the train I actually saw one of the infamous Disney cats. It was cute black and puffy. It had just woken up from a sunbath near some fake deer. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo. Bummer.

 After we made it back to New Orleans square we stumbled onto Jack and Sally posing for pictures. The line was REALLY LONG! Like there were more people in line for autographs and pictures then there were in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean. So we ended up doing that for a second time instead.
 I snapped this super cute picture of Joel while we waited in line.
 Mickey Pumpkin! Yes, it did take me 4 days to finally take a picture of it!
 Bye-Bye Disneyland! I love you! You were wonderful! I'll see you next year!
 Yes, I did wear my fanny pack the whole time and both times we went to the nice restaurant. I'm embarrassing!

We kissed our beloved Disneyland goodbye and headed off to our second destination The Viceroy - Santa Monica.
The lobby was pretty swank.

 The view from our room.

We soon found out that the hotel turned into a uppity club at night which I wasn't super into.
 We decided to head to the Santa Monica pier for some eats at Bubba Gump Shrimp company. I soon found out that I was weak sauce for ever picking such a place since they have them on every corner in LA.
 I got to sit in front of this elbow macaroni. You do.
 I'm an expert crab eater and did not need this bib. It was merely for photo op purpose.

Okay, I still have 4 more days coming but I'm not gonna post them now. You're gonna have to wait! You'll love it!