Saturday, March 3, 2012


So, I I've had a weird few months. And I apologize for not blogging. Not like it REALLY matters.

Anyway, I had a surprising holiday season last year. It really felt like I was running a REAL viable business. which was stressful and fun at the same time. I went from 2-4 orders a week to at least 2 orders a day. Which felt extremely odd, let me tell you.
Soooo Many Orders...

Anyhow, after the holiday season cleared up I business kept somewhat steady. And I started getting some interesting offers. One of which was from to be featured on their beauty blog. I was very happy to be included and low and behold I was first featured in the article, very nice! Then Diet Coke emailed me about one of my remaining polymer clay creations, Diet Coke Can Earrings. Now, normally companies don't come knocking at your door asking if they can use your items in a Tumblr campaign. Usually it's a Cease & Desist letter asking you to remove the item from your Etsy shop. And awesome on top of awesome, they emailed me yesterday to let me know they would be sending me some sort of care package for letting them use my item. I'll be sure to show you guys what it's all about once I get it.
Then I randomly got featured on the Front page of Etsy at 4am PST. And due to this I was contacted by the WENDY-FREAKING-WILLIAMS Show. They were doing a Save the Twinkie campaign and were interested in featuring my "Twinkie" Soap on her show.Now here's the kicker, they needed 200 soaps in the course of 4 days. I am only one woman, but I managed to pump them out ahead of time. And then I waited...and waited...and waited. I emailed the producer...and waited some more. Finally around 2 weeks after I had pumped out nearly 35LBS of soap for these people they got back to me to let me know that they had DROPPED the campaign. Bummer. I'm still roughed up by the whole situation and am refusing to even look at the soaps. If you love me go buy one. They are buy one get one free right now. It was kind of a strange snag, but I'm working through it.
Buy one...please?
 But the icing on the cake is that after 3 failed attempts at being on Heartsy I'm finally going to be featured. But the victory is going to be bitter sweet since they will be shutting down their website not long after my feature. So, I look forward to many wonderful sales to make up for the crappy Twinkie situation. I'll be sure to link to the discount sale once the link to it is active!

Thanks to all of my wonderful customers, supporters and readers. I really appreciate your support! You guys are great!

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