Saturday, March 3, 2012


So, I I've had a weird few months. And I apologize for not blogging. Not like it REALLY matters.

Anyway, I had a surprising holiday season last year. It really felt like I was running a REAL viable business. which was stressful and fun at the same time. I went from 2-4 orders a week to at least 2 orders a day. Which felt extremely odd, let me tell you.
Soooo Many Orders...

Anyhow, after the holiday season cleared up I business kept somewhat steady. And I started getting some interesting offers. One of which was from to be featured on their beauty blog. I was very happy to be included and low and behold I was first featured in the article, very nice! Then Diet Coke emailed me about one of my remaining polymer clay creations, Diet Coke Can Earrings. Now, normally companies don't come knocking at your door asking if they can use your items in a Tumblr campaign. Usually it's a Cease & Desist letter asking you to remove the item from your Etsy shop. And awesome on top of awesome, they emailed me yesterday to let me know they would be sending me some sort of care package for letting them use my item. I'll be sure to show you guys what it's all about once I get it.
Then I randomly got featured on the Front page of Etsy at 4am PST. And due to this I was contacted by the WENDY-FREAKING-WILLIAMS Show. They were doing a Save the Twinkie campaign and were interested in featuring my "Twinkie" Soap on her show.Now here's the kicker, they needed 200 soaps in the course of 4 days. I am only one woman, but I managed to pump them out ahead of time. And then I waited...and waited...and waited. I emailed the producer...and waited some more. Finally around 2 weeks after I had pumped out nearly 35LBS of soap for these people they got back to me to let me know that they had DROPPED the campaign. Bummer. I'm still roughed up by the whole situation and am refusing to even look at the soaps. If you love me go buy one. They are buy one get one free right now. It was kind of a strange snag, but I'm working through it.
Buy one...please?
 But the icing on the cake is that after 3 failed attempts at being on Heartsy I'm finally going to be featured. But the victory is going to be bitter sweet since they will be shutting down their website not long after my feature. So, I look forward to many wonderful sales to make up for the crappy Twinkie situation. I'll be sure to link to the discount sale once the link to it is active!

Thanks to all of my wonderful customers, supporters and readers. I really appreciate your support! You guys are great!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


So, First I'm going to cover my butt and say GO CHECK OUT THE ETSY!!! It's lonely and is full of new things. So there.

Now, This post is going to be a very strange all encompassing blur of things I have been too lazy to post from the last few months. Yes, yes. I'm terrible at keeping up with my blog...I KNOW. But, I also REALLY doubt anyone reads this fucker so it probably doesn't matter you and you probably never missed me. You probably noticed me in your blogspot feed and went OOOH! Or maybe you read everything else on the internet first and thought  "Ugh...FIIIIINE!"

Here's Mom and I at my most recent Deflowered Art Show.

Let's just say I got really trashed on tasty beer which later forced my mother to question my as a responsible adult...THAT was fun.
 This is Joel's new desk photo for work. I know I haven't mentioned this yet but he recently got a position at the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe as the Director of Audio Visual. Not super exciting for you guys but for me...I'm STOKED!!!
 Random pictures I made myself look blonde in.
AAAND the zombie version for his desk that he is going to put out sometime next week...
That wasn't a very interesting post...I didn't really do anything blog worthy I guess. I'm awful. Also, my BFF is out of town in Ashville, NC visiting her sister. I miss her. And last week she was in the bay at Treasure Island music festival. She gets back on Halloween. I'm picking her up at the airport. I guarantee a blog post filled with photos of me embarrassing her at the airport. I intend to wear something completely outrageous. While holding a sign with her Pen Name on it. Just you wait.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Need Your Help!

I am once again asking for your help! Please help me get accepted for Heartsy!

If you love me or my shop NOW is the time to show your LOVE. Not with money but with VOTES! Please!!! -

Also, I just thought you all might want to see this super sweet review that this Sweet Girl did for me!

Please Please Please VOTE! And pass it along to any and all of your friends!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo BOMB

I promised photos in the last post in here I am bringing them to the table!

90's PARTY!!!
 Slash - Posh - Gwen Stephani
 You can't see but I'm totes wearing a tiny backpack. 90's!
 Lilu & Stevesie in front of The Soule Domain

 Slash & Posh in the Red Room
 Lilu was soooo cute as Gwen Stephani
Character faces!
 I got forced on stage and was hiding behind Lilu
 Making sure no one comes between Lilu and I
 What's with the drinks on stage?

Like I said before, we were the ONLY people dressed in 90's garb!

Next up - Mom and Eddie's trip to Tahoe!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


It has come to my attention that some of my items are coveted by re-sellers. Since they are truly handmade and cannot be found anywhere but in my kitchen where I make them. It brings me to a very difficult question. Do I agree to make these items for re-sellers and roll in the dough or do I keep my morals and say no thanks? It's a really hard decision to make since many like minded people despise re-selling.

Have you ever let someone re-sell something that you make or have you stuck to your guns and kept yourself as the soul seller of something?

In all honesty I am finding it hard to believe that someone would really want to buy my cabochons in bulk. Really, you can't come up with your own creativity and make something different?

Money or morals? It's a difficult choice.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holy Hell...

I haven't posted a blog in like forever. I apologize. I've been dealing with a few random life phenomena that I can't really disclose. Some of them good and some of them not so good. Anyhow, it's summer...and it has been for like 3 damn months...whoops. I guess as soon as it gets warm here in Tahoe I completely forget I have a blog to keep up. So let's start from the beginning.

Hubz and I got a new Pup.

Her name is Jasmine and she is the MOST evil dog ever. She is a wire hair Jack Russel and I love her. She's totally cute and sweet one minute and the next she is ripping through the house barking her tiny face off. She's also a fantastic mouser, and we haven't had to buy glue traps since we got her! She's caught 6 mice so far, yay! Normally I wouldn't be okay with animal on animal violence but the mice have been ruining our belongings for years. Bummer.

I've lost 40lbs thus far on Weight Watchers...YAY! And thanks to my new self confidence I actually got a modeling gig with the designer behind this site. I've only done one shoot for him so far. and I'm actually waiting on my second shipment right now. Here's a few shots from the shoot.

Also, July was a house guest filled month. First our friend from L.A. came up to visit one weekend and then my mom and step dad came up for nearly a week. I'll have pics of that up soon...that is if I took any...I can't quite remember.

While they were here we played lots of Screw Your Neighbor, finished planting my garden, went to Soule Domain and even went kayaking! I wish they would have a stayed a few days longer, I had sooo much fun with them!

Also, right before my Mom and Step dad got here we went out to a 90'a show with my Best girl Lisa B. The three of us got all fancied up in our best 90's fashions only to find we were the only 3 dressed up...Whoops! Here's my outfit: Acid Trip Posh Spice!
Sorry my eyes look all evil and stuff but the flash caught my soul. I promise I'll add picture of the 3 of us soon and we were all getting hilarious stares...not to mention I got forced up on stage at one point...not...funny.

I'm going to leave it at that for now. Hopefully I'll post a few photo filled blogs soon. Aaaaand as always don't forget to check out the Etsy I posted lots of new jewelry and soaps that people are dying over! it out!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lunchie Munchie Time

So, I'm totally refusing to post the blog of our last Sac trip to see !!! since it's really just a ton of pictures of us drunkenly stumbling around the 28th block of Sacramento.  And I'm really not in the mood to rehash the drunk parts of that night. However, I will say that the Indian food we had was A-mazing! It makes me wish we had an Indian food joint around here for me to get Chana Saag at...yummm...

Anyway, onto some more foodie tales. As many of you know I'm on the Weight Watchers plan. So far I've lost 20lbs. Crazy...right? I never thought a diet plan could actually work for me. ANYWAY! Enough about WW.

Today I made a totally DE-LISH BLT minus the B. Since I don't have anyway and wouldn't really dare to buy any since I'd probably eat the entire package in one sitting...I looove bacon. None the less. I made this tasty sando with the following ingredients...

1 wedge of Low Fat, French Onion, Laughing Cow Cheese
2 Tsp of Lite Mayo
3 Slices of Tomato
1 Double Fiber English Muffin
1 Romain Heart
1 tsp of Mustard
1 Pinch of fresh ground Sea Salt and Pepper

If you're on WW this is a 5pt, super filling and delicious dish to put in your face. Also, I toasted my english muffin because I like warm sammies! Also, I have gotten a really good reaction to the French Onion cheese by both my BFF Lili and Hubzors, which neither of them are on WW they just both enjoy that cheese. So, I recommend you grab a wheel of it next time you're at the store. Did I mention we are whores for cheese? Cuz we


On a different note, I bought some caramels from Fusion Sweets back in December for our anniversary. They had some Thai Chili caramels that I knew Joel would DIE for, since he is in love with spice. Anyway, the other night while Lili was over we decided to bust them out. And before you get all cranky-pants about them being in our cupboard for 6 months just stop. They were still super chewy and soft and delicious as the day they came in the mail.

Anyway this is a picture of the Vanilla flavored caramel. Lili, Joel and I consumed the other 3 flavors the night before. I saw that there was one 1oz of it left and had to nibble on it...Okay I ate the whole ounce... Anyway, Fusion Sweets offers a variety of flavors. Our personal favorites are French Lavender Honey Vanilla Sea Salt Butter Caramels, Some Like It Hot Thai Habanero Butter CaramelsChocolate Peppermint Butter Caramels and Sweet and Creamy Vanilla Butter Caramel. And I will be back soon to buy some of the scrumptious looking marshmallow to roast over the fire pit this summer...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Shmerp, Derp, Doodly, Do