Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lunchie Munchie Time

So, I'm totally refusing to post the blog of our last Sac trip to see !!! since it's really just a ton of pictures of us drunkenly stumbling around the 28th block of Sacramento.  And I'm really not in the mood to rehash the drunk parts of that night. However, I will say that the Indian food we had was A-mazing! It makes me wish we had an Indian food joint around here for me to get Chana Saag at...yummm...

Anyway, onto some more foodie tales. As many of you know I'm on the Weight Watchers plan. So far I've lost 20lbs. Crazy...right? I never thought a diet plan could actually work for me. ANYWAY! Enough about WW.

Today I made a totally DE-LISH BLT minus the B. Since I don't have anyway and wouldn't really dare to buy any since I'd probably eat the entire package in one sitting...I looove bacon. None the less. I made this tasty sando with the following ingredients...

1 wedge of Low Fat, French Onion, Laughing Cow Cheese
2 Tsp of Lite Mayo
3 Slices of Tomato
1 Double Fiber English Muffin
1 Romain Heart
1 tsp of Mustard
1 Pinch of fresh ground Sea Salt and Pepper

If you're on WW this is a 5pt, super filling and delicious dish to put in your face. Also, I toasted my english muffin because I like warm sammies! Also, I have gotten a really good reaction to the French Onion cheese by both my BFF Lili and Hubzors, which neither of them are on WW they just both enjoy that cheese. So, I recommend you grab a wheel of it next time you're at the store. Did I mention we are whores for cheese? Cuz we


On a different note, I bought some caramels from Fusion Sweets back in December for our anniversary. They had some Thai Chili caramels that I knew Joel would DIE for, since he is in love with spice. Anyway, the other night while Lili was over we decided to bust them out. And before you get all cranky-pants about them being in our cupboard for 6 months just stop. They were still super chewy and soft and delicious as the day they came in the mail.

Anyway this is a picture of the Vanilla flavored caramel. Lili, Joel and I consumed the other 3 flavors the night before. I saw that there was one 1oz of it left and had to nibble on it...Okay I ate the whole ounce... Anyway, Fusion Sweets offers a variety of flavors. Our personal favorites are French Lavender Honey Vanilla Sea Salt Butter Caramels, Some Like It Hot Thai Habanero Butter CaramelsChocolate Peppermint Butter Caramels and Sweet and Creamy Vanilla Butter Caramel. And I will be back soon to buy some of the scrumptious looking marshmallow to roast over the fire pit this summer...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Shmerp, Derp, Doodly, Do

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  1. The sammy looks and sounds tasty, however I think I woulda traded the carmels for the bacon! HA!