Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo BOMB

I promised photos in the last post in here I am bringing them to the table!

90's PARTY!!!
 Slash - Posh - Gwen Stephani
 You can't see but I'm totes wearing a tiny backpack. 90's!
 Lilu & Stevesie in front of The Soule Domain

 Slash & Posh in the Red Room
 Lilu was soooo cute as Gwen Stephani
Character faces!
 I got forced on stage and was hiding behind Lilu
 Making sure no one comes between Lilu and I
 What's with the drinks on stage?

Like I said before, we were the ONLY people dressed in 90's garb!

Next up - Mom and Eddie's trip to Tahoe!

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  1. Your crew rocks! Looks like fun! Hope you and yours are well and nice to see you back!