Saturday, March 12, 2011

My day as a redneck...

So, a few Saturdays ago we had to drop of Joel's truck to get looked at again since he already had it fixed and it was acting funny again so he took in under warranty. We also had to go run some business related errands. We decided to take my assistant Mikey and Lisa decided that she also wanted to go so that she could get some feathers from Cabella's to make earrings with. While at Cabella's we decided that it would be a fun and hilarious idea to go to the "shooting" Range. I'm not a gun person by any means.
Get them thar guns ready!
Lili is so serious.
Mikey's got this! Joel keeps giggling!
I think she got it...
I got's you thing that makes the squirelly move!

Lili actually didn't find the feathers she wanted which sucked. We then had to go to the dealership for Joel to drop off his truck and we decided that it would be a good time to take pictures in the car.
Mikey was pouting because Joel was taking FOREVER to take his car in, lol.
Pouting contest?
Finger stash?
Apparently Lili and I like to make the same face.
Lili doing some boob walking...
  I love Mikey's rubber face, HAHA!
Boob-side service
Lili has a boob fetish me thinks
Mikey is adorable-ness

After Joel dropped off his car he forced his way into the driver seat and drove us around on the errands.
When we were done shopping (and wandering around Wal-Mart, playing with barbies, and screwing with giant champagne glass vases) we decided to stop for a few snackies at Johnny Carino's.
Lili was quite warn out from being in Wal-Mart for a little too long. 
Mikey Hungie - Mikey POUT!
Lili perked up a little bit after she found an unattended poop in the ladies room. I'm not can leave your comments and questions for her about the poops in the comment section below. She also made Mikey and I look at it with her...frightening. 

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